Why do you need a pre-purchase survey?

Purchasing a narrowboat or inland waterways craft is a major financial outlay. It is essential to protect your financial investment and that you are fully aware of the crafts condition and correct value.

Safety is of paramount importance. The hull condition and internal services i.e. gas, electrics, appliances, flueing and ventilation should all be checked to ensure the craft is safe for use.

Craft under five years old should comply with the European Recreational Craft Directive. They should be CE marked and have a boat manual and declaration of conformity.
Craft over four years of age should comply with the Boat Safety Scheme. Compliance, repairs and upgrades (when required) can be costly.

With the correct precautions taken before purchase and good advice from your surveyor, the craft you choose should give you good reliable service and provide you with safe enjoyable cruising. Always remember the saying “Buyer Beware”.

What will happen on the day of survey?

A whole day will be allocated for your pre-purchase survey. The boat will be removed from the water for inspection of the hull fabrication quality and condition. It is not just old craft that may require repair; I have seen two four year old steel narrowboats overplated recently due to electrolysis (hull pitting), hull inspection is essential on all craft.

Your survey will include a test run of the engine and inspection of all internal technical services. As a Gas Safe registered gas installer I will fully test the gas installation and appliances. All cabin services will be operated together with inspection of the thermal insulation and flooring. The standard of boat fitting varies tremendously therefore internal inspection is essential.
Please see terms and conditions for a full breakdown of the survey procedure.

I like to meet my clients in the afternoon of the survey to go through the craft together and discuss any queries or concerns you may have. The survey includes a valuation and complimentary re-inspections where required to oversee any hull repairs and to issue a new boat safety certificate (assuming the craft is local and repairs have been carried out within three months of the survey date). Under normal circumstances the report will be forwarded to you within five working days, copies can also be forwarded to finance and insurance companies